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A Bridesmaid Luncheon is a Great Way to Say Thank You!

"Thank you for these ideas."

Hosting a bridesmaid luncheon is completely optional, but it is a wonderful way to honor each bridesmaid and her contribution to your wedding.

When should the Bridal Luncheon be held?

Traditionally, the luncheon is held a day before the wedding, but many choose to hold this event sometime in the week leading up to the big day.

Who Hosts the Bridal Luncheon

Because a bridesmaid luncheon is not required, there is much flexibility when deciding who should host this event.

It is usually hosted by the bride or her mother with one rule - no boys allowed!

Does the Bridal Party Luncheon have to be a"Luncheon"?

Despite the name, it does not actually have to be a bridesmaid lunch. It can be dinner at a favorite restaurant, a day of pampering at the spa, or brunch at the bride’s home.

The bridsmaid luncheon can be formal and elegant with formal place settings and crisp linens including appetizers and a sit down meal at someone's house or restaurant or it can be casual and lay back with pizza and beer or a barbeque.

The important thing is to make it meaningful and fun for the bridesmaids. Plan something that is appropriate for them.

Restaurants are great places to have the luncheon. Bridesmaid parties are events they welcome and most are willing to work with you to make it your own.

Here are a few bridal luncheon ideas if you are not having the luncheon at a restaurant:

Bridal Tea
Wine and Cheese Party
Pizza and Beer
Visit to a Spa
Home Spa Party
Make-up Party
Hairdresser Party

Will the Bridesmaid Luncheon be catered?

Save money – have a number of caterers in your area give you prices and menus. Use this information to negotiate the best deal for you.

Want just appetizers?

Special Occasions

Want something different?

Tienda, Country Gourmet, Home Made Gourmet

Need recipes? Try these places:

Barbeque - Smoker Cooking

French - French Cuisine

Gourmet - Gourmet Recipes, More Gourmet Recipes

Greek - Greek Recipes

Italian - Italian Recipes

Mexican - Mexican Recipes

Present the Bridesmaids with a small gift.

Regardless of what kind of bridesmaid luncheon you choose to have for your bridesmaids, make sure you present them each with a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

Again, there are so many choices in this area. You might give them a small piece of jewelry, a nice picture frame, or maybe you are creative and can make some kind of personalized keepsake for each bridesmaid. You know your bridesmaids best, get them something that they will find meaningful and thoughtful.

Don't forget the Bridesmaid Cake!

The bridesmaids’ cake may also vary depending on your “theme,” but it usually is pink and has a coin or ring baked into it. The cake is then cut and served, and whoever finds this trinket in her piece of cake is said to be “blessed in the affairs of the heart” and possibly the next to wed (if she is single)!

Did You Know?

During Roman times, female attendants would dress like the bride and stand next to her to ward off evil spirits. This changed over time to being a decoy for the bride to keep possible suitors from kidnapping the bride. Today of course it is ceremonial.


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