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Costa Rica Wedding Customs

Costa Rica wedding customs may be something you want to incorporate in your destination wedding.

Costa Rica is a small country located between Nicaragua and Panama. It boasts of beautiful beaches and being a tropical paradise.

The people call themselves "ticos". The population of Costa Rica is predominantly Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism is the official state religion.

All marriages have to be performed by the Catholic Church or notary, usually a lawyer. Other religions can perform a religious ceremony but the couple must then have a civil ceremony for the marriage to be legal.

Weddings are a big affair in Costa Rica and because of Costa Rica wedding customs the whole extended family as well as the village may turn out to celebrate.

Spanish Wedding Customs

If following Spanish customs the bride may wear a black silk wedding dress with a black lace wedding veil. Today though, they tend to choose a white wedding dress.

The groom wears an embroidered shirt made by his future wife.

Brides may wear orange blossom wreaths or carry orange blossom bouquets.

The ceremonies are typically late in the day or early evening because of the custom of eating late.

The father of the bride escorts her to the church and the groom's mother walks him down the aisle.

Another Costa Rica wedding custom, if they follow a true Spanish tradition, is the exchange of thirteen gold coins in a special bag, box or tray from the groom to the bride.

The coins are then carried by the bride and are blessed by the priest. This custom represents the dowry symbolizing the grooms commitment her and his pledge to support her. This tradition also has a religious meaning representing Jesus and the twelve apostles.

When the bride and groom exchange rings they are put on the ring finger of the right hand.

Some couples also participate in the Lasso ceremony. A large rosary is wrapped around the couple. This symbolizes the protection of the marriage.

The Costa Rica Wedding Reception

The reception is usually quite festive. There usually is a band playing Latin or Spanish music and there may even be a Mariachi band. Dancing throughout the night is expected.

Spanish Food

The food can be a combination of rice and chicken, rice and beans, rice and fish, ceviche and other native dishes or traditional Spanish food.

Local wines and sangria are usually served as the beverage of choice.

Cookies with almonds and other spices may be served as well as a wedding cake with almonds and fruits.

During the reception the groom may give the men cigars and the bride may give the woman something nicely scented.

"Ticos" are very family oriented and anyone attending a one of these celebrations will find costa rica wedding customs delightful.


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