A Honeymoon to Remember!

Planning your wedding has been stressful. It’s time to think about your honeymoon!

Traditionally, the groom has taken care of planning the honeymoon, but it is very common these days for both the bride and groom to plan this much needed getaway together. After all, this is your first vacation as husband and wife.

This is your chance to kick off your marriage in a way that suites both of you. You want it to be perfect.

When thinking about where to go or what to do, you’ll want to think about what makes both you and your fiancé happy. Think about your interests and what means most to you.

If you are an active, outdoorsy couple, then you might want to choose a destination that allows you to experience nature, go on hikes, or even camp outside. Maybe a romantic cabin in the woods is the choice for you.

If you and your fiancé love soaking up the sun and lounging on the beach, then you might want to pick your favorite beach or maybe a new tropical location to visit.

Maybe you are fans of the fast paced city life and would enjoy seeing Broadway shows and eating at elegant restaurants. If this is the case, you might want to celebrate in a place like New York City.

Be sure to shop around and do some research before booking your travel plans. You might want to visit a few different travel agents, and search online to compare prices and get the best deals.

Some agencies and websites offer discounts if you purchase your airfare and hotel or lodging as a package. Depending on your destination and what you want to do, an all-inclusive package might be a great deal as well.

Regardless of where you go for your honeymoon , the important thing is that you and your new spouse are able to spend quality time together as a newly married couple doing things you both enjoy. You both deserve a time to relax and enjoy each other after all the stress and business of planning a wedding.

Did You Know?

In ancient times, many of the marriages were by abduction, not choice. When the man wanted to take a bride he would carry her, unwilling on her part, to a secret place where they couldn't be found by those searching for them. They would go through all of the moons phases, about 30 days, he would hide her. During that time they would drink a brew made from honey. This is where we get the word honeymoon.


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