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We know you came to this site to get information about weddings, but we are introducing Site Build It to you because anyone who wants will benefit from it.

The information on this site is free.

Why you may ask? Well, this site was set up to provide information to brides and grooms and others who are planning a wedding.

The idea is to provide answers about certain topics or where to go to find a product or a service they need.

We found a web host called Site Build It and there is where it began.

Fortunately for us, it is set up to help beginners which was a blessing for us because we knew nothing about building a website.

The information we give away is free but SBI has shown us how to earn a profit with Google ads and other affiliate programs.

Ok, so we give away information free, but we get compensated from these affiliations. This way the costs of maintaining the website are covered and we also make a profit.

How did you find this website?

More than likely you used a search engine like Google to find us. Site Build It showed us how to build the site and get traffic from the search engines free.

After the website was built (actually while building the site) they showed us how to use something called Google Adsense and other methods to generate income. Google places an ad on our web pages and if someone clicks on any of their ads you get paid.


There are many success stories of those who have built a website using SBI. Here is one that we think you will find interesting.

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Don't get me wrong, it's not a "get rich quick" program like you see promoted by the SiteSell scam folks. It takes time and thought to do it, but they give you the tools and support to make it all happen.

Also, will give you a FULL refund if it's not for you. There is no "trial period" or any "gotcha" to it.

They have a great product and many, many successful users so they can honor their guarantee without reservation.

Try It!

You may have a hobby or are well versed in a subject that could make a good website. If you have a passion for something building a website about it is great fun.

Take 2 ½ minutes and find out more by watching this… (after watching this short video if you have any questions go to question and talk to a successful SBI user.


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