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How to Choose a Men's Wedding Tuxedo!

Rule #1 – always, always, always consult the bride on what wedding tuxedo to wear. This is the only rule; the rest of this information is important but won't get you in trouble.

Wedding Tuxedo Rental - Who Pays?

The style and color and where to rent it are usually chosen by the groom. If everyone in the wedding party were left on their own to get a one you would more than likely see a potpourri of tuxedos. This wouldn't look very good and of course you would have broken Rule #1.

In the past it was incumbent on the groom to pay for the tuxedos of the groomsmen or ushers. This is not so true today, as you can imagine it can be quite an expense.

Tuxedo Clothing Styles

The style depends on the time of day the ceremony is held. "Black Tie" is for a wedding ceremony held after six o'clock pm. It includes a white shirt, black patent leather shoes, socks, a cummerbund or vest and a black bow tie.

If the event is ultra-formal a tailcoat is required as well as a white wing collar shirt. If the groom wears a tailcoat the groomsmen can wear either a tailcoat or a regular jacket. Remember, the groom should look the best and should standout someway from the groomsmen.

If the ceremony is being held in a tropical area, white is fashionable at any time of day.

If the wedding ceremony is held at any other time of day, a regular tux is appropriate.

Let's look at the styles for different body shapes. Again, the groom is the center of attention on the male side. It is extremely improbable that the groom and all the groomsmen to have the same body type. So you have to go with the groom's body type and do the best with the groomsmen.

If the groom is medium to tall in height and is slender, a double breasted jacket looks best. Additional shoulder padding can be added to create a more muscular look. The trousers should be a little fuller than normal.

If you choose a double-breasted jacket and you are on the heavier side, choose a vest over the cummerbund so the jacket will look less constricting.

For those who are stocky or short and muscular the shawl collar is for you. A single breasted jacket should be worn by this body type. Don't add extra shoulder padding, your own shoulder line will make you look better in photos.

Those who are shorter and thin will look their best in a single-breasted jacket. A double-breasted jacket will make you look broader.

Suit Accessories for the Bridal Tux

If you rent your tuxedo clothing, you may want to spruce up your appearance. You can purchase tuxedo accessories to compliment your wedding decor or maybe something that you and your bride like.

There are vest accessories, bowtie accessories and even the tuxedo button that can used to give that personal touch.

What kind of tie, bowtie or straight tie?

This is a personal choice. Some tuxedo's lend themselves to to a bowtie, some to a straight tie and some to a bollo (cowboy tie).

If the wedding is during the day you may have a less formal setting maybe meaning a less formal tuxedo and tie.

If you are wearing a camouflage tuxedo you will of course want to wear a camouflage bowtie and also a camouflage cumberbund.

Wearing a tuxedo after hours usually means a formal setting therfore a more formal bridal tuxedo and a tie that matches the occasion.

One more point, bow ties come in different sizes so buy or rent a tie that fits your build.


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