Wedding Customs in Portugal

Because of the wedding customs in Portugal it is a fabulous place for a destination wedding.

Because the majority of Portuguese are Roman Catholic, the wedding customs and wedding ceremonies in Portugal are based on the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Many old customs have been revived and are now included in many a Portuguese wedding ceremony.

Some of the wedding customs in Portugal may vary slightly depending on the location within the country.

Wedding can take place in the hills of Alentejo, or the beaches of Algarve or the beautiful vineyards of the Duoro Valley.

When a couple follows the wedding customs of old the groom may send a friend or relative to the bride's father to get permission to ask her to marry him. If the father agrees the wedding plans are started.

At a traditional wedding ceremony you are likely to see the bride dressed in a white Chinese tunic covered with jewels.

The groom will be wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a dark matching top hat.

When the wedding bands are placed on each other's ring fingers, the priest will cover them with his stole and bless them.

In the ancient times the couple would leave the church and parade through the town accepting well wishes from friends, family and strangers. They would then go somewhere were they can be alone. The day after the wedding ceremony they return to the village and personally thank all those who attended the wedding.

In more modern times, once the wedding ceremony is over, their will be a reception at someone's house or more likely at a restaurant.

The Portuguese wedding reception will have dancing, eating, and drinking of local wine.

During the reception, the young men who attend will dance with the bride as one of her shoes is passed around the dance floor and filled with money. This helps the young couple have a good financial start or helps pay for the honeymoon.

As with most European wedding customs, the couple has been helped with all the preparation by friends and family. This makes for a great beginning to married life.


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