Wedding Customs

Because of the beauty of many countries and the wedding customs they have, they make wonderful destination wedding sites.

All over the world, customs and traditions vary. Some wedding customs date back to ancient times.

Many customs have been started within the family and are transferred from generation to generation.

You can practice your own customs or for a little bit of something different, you can follow the local traditions.

Here are some of the customs of the world.

Spanish Wedding Customs

If you attend a wedding where the culture has been influenced by Spain, Spanish wedding customs may more...

Costa Rica Wedding Customs

Costa Rica Wedding Customs have a Spanish flare to them. Costa Rica is a small country located between Nicaragua and Panama. It boasts of beautiful beaches and being a tropical paradise.


Wedding Customs in Portugal

Portugal is a country in Southwest Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. Most wedding customs in Portugal are based on Roman Catholic wedding traditions. Because Portuguese culture has been influenced by more...

Filipino Wedding Customs

Filipino wedding customs exhibit a definite Spanish influence. The reason, Spain occupied the Philippines for more than 350 years. According to the Essential Filipino Wedding Guide more...


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