Wedding Favors - A Way for Guests to Remember Your Wedding

One of your biggest tasks is choosing your wedding favors. The favors are what your guests will take with them from your wedding when they leave (besides great memories!).

Before you can choose what you want for your wedding favors , you must first decide your wedding colors or your wedding theme.

The favors should also go along with your colors and theme. For instance, if you are having a beach themed wedding, then you might give your guests seashell-shaped wine glass charms or a sailboat-shaped candle.

If you are having a fall wedding, you might incorporate fall colors such as gold, copper, and burgundy into your wedding. To go with these colors, you might choose coaster sets with fall leaves on them or fall leaf votives.

Regardless of your theme or colors, you can find the perfect favor for your guests that will remind them of your special day and the love they witnessed.

Once you’ve chosen your theme or colors and know what you’re looking for in regards to the wedding favors, you can start thinking about specifics. There is so much to choose from out there and so many choices to make. You can personalize them with your names and wedding date, you can give edible favors such as cookies, and you can make you them as unique or simple as you like. There is something for every type of wedding.

Whether you’re a wine lover, chocolate lover, or an avid golfer, you can find a wedding favor to give your guests that shows your personality, while at the same time thanking them for sharing your day with you. You’ll want to choose something that reflects who you are as a couple and commemorates the day you joined together as husband and wife.

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