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Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers and decorations is so much fun, but it can get very expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to let your creativity shine through and keep you within your budget when it comes to your wedding flowers and other decorations.

What do you want?

First, you need to figure out what it is you want. This is yet another area where bridal magazines and the internet are excellent resources. Look through magazines and websites and tear out or print out anything you see that you like.

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The Décor!

Your first step in picking your wedding flowers and décor is to decide on what color scheme you will have for your wedding. This is important step in wedding planning in general because your color scheme will determine what color flowers you have, what color your bridesmaids dresses are, what color your invitations are, and so on.

Professional Florist?

Most brides choose to hire a professional florist to coordinate the flower selections for the wedding ceremony and reception. There are many benefits to this—they are flower experts and they have a lot of experience in putting together floral packages for weddings.

The nice thing about using a professional florist is that you can tell them what your colors are, give them a basic idea of what you might want, and then have them show you some ideas for everything from bouquets to centerpieces. If you choose a good florist, it can really help reduce a lot of stress in this area.

Do it yourself?

Many brides choose not to hire a professional florist in order to save money. Finding your wedding flowers on your own without a florist is a great money-saving strategy. You can buy flowers directly from your local flower shop or grocer instead of from an expensive florist. These days you can even order flowers online from wholesalers.

There is a new website called Bridesign that offers what they call "Wedding in a Box". This is a perfert way to have the wedding floral arrangement you want and save a lot of money.

Go to the Bridesign and watch the short video for a complete explanation.

Save Money!

Another way to save money is to be sure that you choose flowers that are in season for when and where you are getting married. If you or your florist have to import flowers that are out of season in your area, it will quickly raise your costs.

Most important flowers!

When it comes to wedding flowers, remember—the flowers that are most important are the flowers in your bouquet and your centerpieces. This is where it would make sense to spend the majority of your budget for flowers. Speaking of centerpieces, this is where you can also get creative to cut flower costs. Depending on your colors and theme, you can use candles, sea shells, fruit, or leaves for your centerpieces.

Be creative!

Be creative, have fun, and let your personality shine through when decorating your ceremony site and reception site with flowers. There are lots of ways to cut costs in this area and still have a breath-taking décor throughout your wedding!

Did You Know?

In ancient times when the fear of demons was high, brides carried stinking herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. Brides might also carried regular herbs under their veil to symbolize fidelity. Greeks carried ivy as a symbol of never ending love and Spaniards carried orange blossoms for happiness and fulfillment.

Today flowers are a part of the scheme of the wedding, brightening the ceremony.


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