Want Unique Wedding Ideas?

If you are sick and tired of traditional weddings and you would like unique wedding ideas, then we totally and completely hear you.

We know the importance of creating a memorable day that not only celebrates your love but is a true testament to your unique personality. With this in mind, we have put together unique wedding ideas that you can use right now to make your special day super special to leave your guests with “something to talk about” now and in the future as well.

So, without further adieu here are some creative wedding ideas just for you:

  • Don’t just send out invitations, send out memorable ones.

    After all, you want your guests to be mesmerized and excited about your upcoming wedding.

    By adding a bit of creativity, you can increase their excitement and prepare them for the festivities. Some really great ideas include adding dried flowers, pictures, recipes, and even silly photos of you and your beloved.

    Don’t hold anything back. Be creative and spontaneous and have a blast.
  • If you’re a die hard pet lover then consider involving your pets in the ceremony.

    You can give your feathered or furred friends a special job to do during the ceremony.

    Instead of having a traditional human ring bearer, allow your dog, cat or parrot to bring you the ring down the aisle or participate in the ceremony. This idea will truly bring the festivities to a new level.
  • Involve your guests in the wedding process.

    Days are long gone where you can’t allow your visitors to participate in the wedding.

    During the ceremony you can have all the married couples hold on to one another and repeat their vows right along with you or you can even face the guests during the ceremony. This will draw them in and make them feel a part of the festivities.
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  • Here is a unique wedding idea, go natural.

    Choose a fun filled location where people can not only enjoy the festivities but can partake of the nature experience too. You could have the wedding at an apple orchard and then in between the wedding and reception, you could allow your guests to pick apples.
  • Choose a complimentary and favorite theme.

    Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean that you have to go traditional. You can choose a different themed wedding.

    If you’re enamored with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, dress up like Tinker and let your Groom be Peter Pan or if you met in Hawaii, have a luau wedding.

    The key is to choose a theme that means something to the two of you. After all, this is your wedding and the two of you should do what makes you happy.
  • Be outlandish with creative decorations and party favors.

    Everybody throws rice at the end of the wedding or blows bubbles, instead of this, a great wedding idea is to purchase butterflies, give one to each guest and let them set their butterfly free at the end of the ceremony.

    Another idea is to use candles in bouquets instead of flowers. This way they will last longer and can be used again.
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  • This wedding idea is not for the faint of heart.

    Be a real king and queen of the day. Purchase some comfortable looking chairs, wear a crown, and then have everyone fan you, feed you fruit and lift the chair while they dance around you just like they do for royalty. Really play it up and have a great time fun.
  • Choose a creative centerpiece.

    If it is an autumn wedding, you could use carved pumpkins, for Christmas, mini evergreens that are decorated with pictures of the couple, etc. The key is to take your season and choose decorations for that theme.
  • Forget the guest book.

    Instead of a traditional guest book, have everyone take a picture of them with a Polaroid (if you can find one) and then glue it on a HUGE poster board with a message. Then you’ll have something to visit and enjoy for years and years.

Have a blast. This is your special day so make sure that you make it unique. After all, moments like this are meant to be enjoyed and treasured. By using a unique wedding idea, you will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


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