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"Wedding Mistress of Ceremonies"

Why a Wedding Mistress of Ceremonies?

There is so much to plan for and do in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. However, there are still several tasks and odds and ends that need to be taken care of throughout the day of the wedding.

Of course, the bride will be busy getting ready for the big event, and her attendants will be busy tending to the bride. This is where having a wedding mistress of ceremonies or wedding house party helpful and practical.

Mistress of Ceremonies – Friend or Relative

The wedding mistress of ceremonies is a good friend or close relative of the bride and the house party is a small group (usually 2-4) of the bride's friends that she trusts to take care of small details and tasks the day of the wedding.

Both are still considered to be a part of the wedding party, but don’t have as many responsibilities or financial obligations when it comes to planning the wedding.

The wedding mistress of ceremonies or members of the wedding house party may be asked to help serve cake or champagne at the reception, be the guest book attendant, help direct guests for the "send off," make a plate of food or snacks for the bride and groom to take with them when they leave (the bride and groom often forget to eat at their own reception!), or pack up the top tier of the cake for their 1st wedding anniversary.

Wedding Master of Ceremonies?

If the bride has a wedding house party she can have one of the members act as the wedding mistress of ceremonies during the reception. (A master of ceremonies is also very acceptable if the bride or groom have someone they would like in this position.)

What the Wedding of Ceremonies needs to know.

The bride should give wedding mistress of ceremonies a time line of events for the reception. It is her job to make sure that the DJ, band leader, and everyone else sticks to the schedule for such things as:
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • Dollar Dance

If the wedding party is arriving at the reception site at 7:30, then the wedding mistress of ceremonies or members of the house party should make sure that the DJ or bandleader is ready to announce them at that time.

She should also make sure that the wedding party is lined up in the correct order to be announced and welcomed to the reception site by the guests. If the bride wants to cut the cake at 9:30, the mistress of ceremonies should make sure that everything is ready to do so at that time.

Basically, the wedding mistress of ceremonies makes sure that everything runs smoothly and on time during the reception so that the bride can have a good time free of worries.

Mistress of Ceremonies Attire

In regards to attire, the bride will usually give the house party some specific guidelines to go by, but they usually don’t wear the same dress as the bridesmaids. The bride might say what color or length she wants them to wear, but it is generally your responsibility to find the dress.

This is an honor!

Being asked to be in the wedding house party or act as the wedding mistress of ceremonies is a big honor, even though you aren’t playing as big of a role as the bridesmaids. The bride wants you to be involved in her wedding day.

When the bride asks you to be in her wedding house party, she is saying that she trusts you to take care of the important details, both large and small, on one of the most important days of her life.


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