Wedding Music: Band or DJ?

The heart of your reception is the wedding music so you and your guests can boogie the night away! In order to ensure a fun time had by all, you must give careful consideration to your music and entertainment.

There are basically two options for your wedding music — hire a band or hire a DJ. This is simply a matter of choice. Of course, you must also consider what you can afford when it comes to the music and entertainment aspect of your reception.

DJs are usually less expensive and can play any song by any artist, especially if you give the DJ a “must play” list ahead of time. This can provide versatility so that all your guests will be entertained from the youngsters to the elderly.

However, if you can afford it in your wedding music budget, there is really nothing like live music to get the party really hopping.

Most professional bands can also play a wide variety of music. Again, give them a list of songs ahead of time so you know for sure they can play the songs you definitely want to hear.

Whether you decide to go with a DJ or a band, one of the best ways to find the best for your buck is by word of mouth.

Ask friends, family, or recently married couples you know who they chose to provide their wedding music and entertainment and what they thought.

When hiring a Disk Jockey , it is a good idea to see them live before hiring them. Maybe you’re at another wedding, a party, or a night club and you find yourself enjoying the DJ and music that is being played.

Don’t hesitate to approach the DJ and ask for their card. They might not be able to discuss business right then and there if they’re busy doing their job. Make sure you call later if you think you might be interested in hiring them for your wedding.

Make sure you express very clearly your own tastes and the type of crowd that will be at your wedding.

As mentioned before, give your DJ a list of songs that you want to have played at your wedding. It might also be a good idea to give them a list of songs that you DON’T want played.

If you’re going with a band, be sure to be very specific when describing what kind of music you want at your wedding.

You might be very attached to one genre such as blues, salsa, or swing, but keep in mind that this could get a little monotonous and boring for your guests.

Try finding a band that is very versatile and can play music of many different genres to accommodate the taste and age ranges of all your guests.

Also, be clear on how you want the band or DiscJockey to look. Take the formality of you wedding into consideration, as well as the dress code of wherever your reception is taking place.

You might want your band or DJ to dress in tuxedos, or maybe you want a more casual, laid back look for your entertainers.

Whatever the case, make sure you discuss important issues like this ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

The last thing you want at your wedding reception is bored guests who are checking their watch ever five minutes wondering whether they can leave yet.

Regardless of whether you choose of a DJ or a band, be sure that your music and entertainment is full of energy, excitement, and makes people want to get on that dance floor!

Find a DJ or band that appeals to you and all your guests. Most importantly, make sure everyone has fun!

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Don't forget about the music played at the ceremony itself.

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