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Next to the wedding officiant, finding one of the local wedding photographers to use is probably the most important vendor you will hire for your wedding. He or she will provide you with years of memories of that wonderful day. You want the wedding photographs to be right, no matter what you set as you budget, wedding photography should be at the top of your list.

Finding the Right Local Wedding Photographer

Finding the right local wedding photographers to interview is so important. Usually the best references you can get are from someone you know who has used a wedding photographer.

However, things do change. The photographer who was recommended may not be available or if they are more than a one or two man business there may be personnel changes. They also may just do business differently than before.

Interviewing a number of wedding photographers is time consuming and tiring.

One of the best ways to ease the process is to have a number of them contact you with pricing and what wedding photographer packages they offer.

If you like what you hear and see then you can set up an appointment to meet. You then can follow the checklist below while interviewing them.

You are now in the driver's seat. Having the information about pricing and wedding photography packages puts you in a very strong position to negotiate for what you want.

Hire a Wedding Photographer for a Wedding out of your area.

What if you are having your wedding in a place other than where you live, chances are you don't know anything about the local wedding photographers.

What if you need a Las Vegas wedding photographer or a wedding photographer in Dallas or even a wedding photographer in Columbus, Ohio?

It doesn't have to be hard to find the right wedding photographer . Why not let top local wedding photographers in that area contact you.

As stated earlier, you can use the information provided by those wedding photographers to you advantage.

Where to go!

Get information about photographers in the area of the wedding.

Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

What should you look for when choosing a Wedding Photographer?

Here is an easy to follow checklist:

Experience – How long and how many weddings have they performed in the Los Angeles area?

Pricing - Can they work within your budget?

Method - Do they do wedding photojournalism, candid classic, formal or any of these? Have them explain what they do for you.

Who? - Who will be there that day? Can you meet with that person and see their work? Don't just look at their presentation without knowing which wedding photographer shot which photograph.

Dress - What will they be wearing suite, dress, casual or blue jeans?

Personality- When you meet with the wedding photographer who will shoot your wedding, does your and your future spouse feel comfortable with this person?

Delivery - How long will it be before you get your proofs, album and on line access?

Contract - Can you have a copy of a blank contract to study? You don't have to see an attorney (unless you have an uncle who is one) just make sure you know what's in it and when you fill in the blanks you are getting what you want and are paying for.

Be sure that it is spelled out as to what happens in the case of changes, rescheduling, cancellation or anything that is not under your control, such as inclement weather, that alters the agreement in any way. You need to know what happens if the wedding photographer cancels or for some reason cannot get to the wedding.

Changes - What if on the day of your wedding you ask to something different or to change anything? What additional charges might there be?

Deposits/Payments - What are the deposits and what is the payment schedule? Is the deposit refundable if you cancel within a certain amount of time?

References - Get a list of references and check them out yourself.

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