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"Wedding Planning on a Budget" Wedding Planner Review

Tim and Lisa Spooner’s book, Wedding Planning on a Budget

, is a must-have wedding planner. The Spooners share great money-saving secrets that can truly save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The book itself is an easy read. It takes you step by step through every aspect of planning a wedding from finding a beautiful wedding dress to finding the perfect invitations—all without breaking the bank!

The Spooners point out the biggest mistakes that many brides make—and they even share how to avoid them. They also give the “inside scoop” on some wedding industry secrets that wedding vendors don’t want you to know.

They point out how having vendors bid their services to you makes sense and saves money.

This book gives you useful tips and pointers on how to negotiate, how to stand your ground, and how not to be taken advantage of as many brides are.

In addition, the Spooners help guide you through the stressful wedding planning process. They tell you where and how to begin and gives advice that is specific as well as logical.

The Spooners don’t cut corners and helps brides through the entire planning process. The tell you exactly how to save money, all while having a classy and elegant wedding.

So many brides think it’s impossible to have their dream wedding because they simply can’t afford it. With the Spooner’s book, brides will soon learn that anything is possible and you can find a way to have that dream wedding, regardless of your budget!

The Spooners are credible, believable, and trustworthy. Having planned their own wedding on a budget, they have the experience and knowledge that can help new brides. It is evident that they have spent countless hours investigating, asking questions, and working to make their own dream wedding come true. Now they are ready to pass their wisdom and knowledge on to all the other brides out there!

Start saving now! Find out how! Get your copy of Wedding Planning on a Budget now!!!


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