How did the Wedding Registry do?

It’s time to set up your house or apartment as a married couple. You set up your wedding registry so your friends and family would know what you needed as you start your life together.

Maybe you’ve been living together for some time, maybe this is your first time to co-habitate…either way, you’re married now and things will be a little different.

Now, what about that wedding registry?

Sit down check off all of the things you received. Once you’ve put all the gifts in their place and written your thank you notes, it’s time to think about what you still might need.

Maybe you were lucky and got EVERYTHING you registered for, but that’s not likely. There are always those people out there who disregard the wedding registry and get you the most random and, um, interesting gifts. We still have a set of wine glasses embossed with pink flamingos collecting dust in our cabinet. Needless to say, these were not on our registry!

After analyzing it, take a list of the things you still need and want. Then, prioritize that list. This is very important if you’re like most newlyweds trying to save money and start off on the right foot.

You will need things like sheets and towels. You will want things like a 60 inch plasma TV (at least your husband will!). When you’re setting up your house or apartment, you need to think first of the things you’ll need day-to-day. Once you have all that you actually need, you can start making a wish list of fun extras that you want. Then, you know what your goals are and you can save up for those things.

You also might have to do some work around the house. You’ll want to make it your own. You might need to paint, do some landscaping, and just decorate in general. Your house should reflect the taste and style of you and your husband.

Shortly after my daughter and her husband got married, they bought a house. One family had lived there before them. Let’s just say they had their work cut out for them when it came to making this house their home.

The bright pink walls in the kitchen and the dark gray walls in the foyer did NOT reflect their personal taste and style. Painting is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of your house. Over time, they also made changes like taking out the carpet in the living room and putting in hardwood floors and adding some flowers and shrubs in the front yard.

You’ll need to budget for jobs like this because it can add up, but generally speaking, you can set up your house the way you want it without going broke in the process.

Setting up your house or apartment with your new husband is fun and exciting. You are getting ready for your new life together. Let your creativity and personality shine through. So, you didn’t get everything you asked for on your wedding registry. That’s okay. Search for deals and bargains so you don’t go over your budget. And don’t forget—ask for your husband’s input once in a while so he doesn’t feel left out!


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