Write and Present Memorable Wedding Speeches!

There is a commonality in all wedding speeches-- congratulations, well wishes, special remembrances to name a few. These are some "must haves" of a memorable speech.

A very important point to remember is that this is a marriage celebration, not a roast. Have fun but show respect.

Below you will find some guidelines about different wedding speeches depending on what your role is in the wedding. We hope these are helpful to you.

Best Man

Best man speeches convey your good wishes to the groom on his wedding day. They are light-hearted yet sincere. They mention shared experiences, praise the bride's beauty and also mention the wonderful hospitality shown to the guests.

These speeches should also include a response to the groom's toast to the bridesmaids and an optional toast to the couple. This is a tradition.

Short poems may be used as an unusual and catchy ending to the speeches.

Your speeches should be flexible enough so you can add your own thoughts, feelings, and words to them. You may want to deliver a short speech, without taking away ANY of its impact on your listeners or its meaning to you. The wedding speech should say what etiquette says OUGHT to be said on a particular occasion.


The speech should express a groom's feelings for his bride and family on his wedding day. The groom should thank those who have helped them bring this celebration together. A nice touch is to recite a poem, written by him if possible. This will leave a lovely memento of a special day. The speech should end with the Groom's traditional toast to the bridesmaids.

Father of the Bride

The wedding speeches and toasts should say all you ought to say as father of the bride. They must include a welcome to your guests, with a special welcome to the family of the groom and his clan. They should reflect on what your daughter means to you and they should speak of your happiness that she has found a wonderful husband, not to mention the fact that she has given you an ideal son-in-law! They need to talk about the meaning of love and marriage as well, perhaps, as giving a few words of advice.

The speeches should end with a toast to the bride and groom. Each speech must contain a thank you to the officiant in case there is one present at the wedding meal.

You may choose a totally unexpected ending to your speech. If so, just before the toast surprise them by reciting a poem before asking everyone to rise and toast the happy couple.


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