Your Wedding Video: It's Worth the Money!

If there is only one area in which you can splurge, splurge on the wedding video.

Of course, you will always remember your wedding day. But will you remember all those details—getting ready behind the scenes, those last moments before walking down the aisle, all those romantic things you said during the ceremony?

The day is so busy and you will be caught up in the whirlwind of activity. Most brides forget (or don’t have the chance) to stop and take in the day. This is where the wedding video comes in.

Re-live the day!

Your wedding photos will be great still shots for looking back on your day. But the video gives an in-action look at what happens before, during, and after the wedding. You will forever have a movie of one of the most important days of your life. You will watch this video over and over again. You will show your children and your grandchildren.

It's priceless!

Your wedding video will be a priceless treasure. Every time you watch it, you will be taken back to that special day and you will once again feel all the wonderful emotions you felt that day. Maybe you and your spouse will watch every year on your anniversary.

Find the right one!

Finding a videographer is an important task—just like searching for your wedding photographer. Contact as many videographers as you can and see if they have your wedding date available. Meet with the different videographers in your area.

Look at their work!

You will want to see wedding videos that these videographers made, much like a “portfolio.” It is important that you get a feel for the videographer’s style and technique. You will need to decide if their style and technique is what you would want for your own video.

You can also get a lot of great ideas from watching other couples’ wedding videos. A word of advice—watch out for cheesy special effects that will make your video look tacky and cheap. There are some pretty impressive and classy camera techniques out there, but stay away from the cheesy stuff!

Feel comfortable!

You will also need to feel comfortable with your wedding videographer. Just like the photographer, this person will be following you around on your special day, so you want to make sure that you trust them and don’t mind their presence in the most important moments.

Remember, they are there to capture those important moments.

Tell them what you want!

Make sure you give your videographer a list of key moments that you don’t want them to miss throughout the day. Be sure to include important moments from when you are getting ready, when your fiancé is getting ready, and any other behind-the-scenes moments. Of course, they will film the entire ceremony, but also be specific about what you want during the reception as well.

Watch out for the extras!

A good way to cut costs when it comes to the videographer is to eliminate some unnecessary “extras.” A lot of videographers can include a montage of baby photos of the couple at the beginning of the video or interview guests during the reception. These extras often cost a lot. So, if they aren’t important to you, don’t utilize them!


Finally, be sure you negotiate and have a clear understanding of how many hours of service the videographer will provide, how much they charge for additional hours, whether or not the final copy will be on VHS or a DVD, and how long the final edited copy of the video will be (usually about 60-90 minutes), etc. These are all things that will affect your costs and your satisfaction in the end.

Worth the cost?

Remember, your wedding video is a movie of your special day that you will surely watch over and over again. It may very well be worth splurging on!


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